Meet Autumn Bousquette and her husband David. Once a week Autumn uses plasma-based therapies to help her lead a normal life. This is her story:

It all began with a scary incident that left Autumn in the hospital. At the young age of 35 she had gone into respiratory failure and was rushed to the emergency room. All the doctors were stumped. She was a student at Arizona State University and in pretty good health, so they couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t fight a simple cold. She went from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist all the while undergoing countless medical tests. Finally in 2013, with the help of a brilliant immunologist and pulmonologist, she was given a diagnosis: Common variable immune deficiency (CVID). It’s a disorder that impairs the immune system leaving your body vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, and infections. “I felt really alone,” says Autumn, “no one had ever heard of this and it was hard. But having the diagnosis made me realize that I had been suffering from this a long time, I just didn’t know it.”

With the help of her doctors Autumn started taking plasma-based Immune Globulin products in a weekly infusion. “It takes a few hours and I have the infusion prongs in my belly,” she explains. “I usually watch a movie with my dogs to pass the time.” She was amazed at how much better she felt after the plasma treatment. She credits her doctors for believing in her but above all she is thankful to the plasma donors:

“When you donate plasma, you save my life. Had it not been for plasma donors I wouldn’t be able to go gardening or take a trip to the grocery store. I’m so thankful for the donors because they gave me my life back. I can go out in public again and it’s great! Your donations have changed me and my husbands’ lives. It is so important that donors know that people like me depend on their generosity.”