jordondetz_orlando-rBiomat USA Plasma Center Orlando

Jordan Detz is the September 2016 Biotest Orlando Donor of the Month.

Jordan has been donating at the center since July of this year, and has already completed 20 donations. He enjoys his donations with Biotest due to the company’s overall atmosphere and outstanding customer service. Very quickly Jordan has established himself as a “regular” at the center, and staff members always enjoy his visits.

Jordan began donating blood and blood product after his mother, who was an oncology nurse, informed him of the difference that donations can make in the lives of others. When his mother became ill, and was unable to donate her own blood, he took on donating in her place in order to contribute to her life saving mission. After his mother’s passing, he opted to carry on her legacy through the act of donation. He now sees plasma donation as a way to continue to save lives while staying connected to his mother and honoring her memory.

The Orlando center is thankful for all of Jordan’s donations along with his passion to save others. His story has touched staff members and donors alike. He is a wonderful example of the kindness and compassion behind plasma donation.