Ricky and MacKenzie

rickymackenzie_r The donors and staff at Biomat USA Plasma Center Austintown had the pleasure of welcoming the Pasco family to the center recently. Kim, Ricky, and MacKenzie came to speak to the donors, tour the center, and share a DVD of how their family benefits from plasma donations.

The teenagers – Ricky and MacKenzie — both have Common Variable Immune Deficiency, a rare immune deficiency that leaves them susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and infection. They have been receiving plasma-based therapies for some time now and are thankful to all the plasma donors who have changed their lives.

Kim, their mother, has started donating plasma too at Biotest Plasma as a way of giving back. Ricky and MacKenzie are both big advocates in the rare disease community and focus their efforts on raising thousands of dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help other children with chronic illness.

Being diagnosed with CVID has been hard for the siblings who receive monthly gamma globulin infusions. They have to avoid germs because even a common cold could end up being life-threatening.

“They are my heroes. I mean, I can’t express, they have taught us about love, and compassion and they taught us how to be strong,” said Kim Plasco.